Sunday, January 22, 2012

They say " never judge a book by it's cover"

Well thats exactly what I did when I came across Moody Sisters! I thought their pacakaging was super cute so I just had to contact them! I know plenty of great products, and books too, are hidden behind dull covers but truly this stuff was just too fun and too great a product!
So when I received my package from Jess and Whitney ( two "moody sisters") who create their own organic skin care, I couldnt wait to look inside! They sent me a full size bottle of eye makeup remover, which I had been in the market for, for awhile now.This bad boy is fully loaded with sunflower oil, that absorbs super quickly into the skin, is all natural, and will not clog your pores, and apricot kernel oil which has major benefits in softening the skin and fighting those stubborn fine lines and wrinkles! With the skin around the eyes being the most sensitive and thin it is way way important to make sure you are using the most natural items out there! Since remember 60% off what goes on your skin is absorbed right into you!! 
I used it wrong the first time I tried it! I didn't read the directions! I just slabbed some on a cotton ball and tried to wipe my makeup right off... what I ended up doing was succesffuly smearing alllll my eye makeup everywhere! I then proceeded to read the directions! This organic goodness needs time to work its magic ( not long) but I was leary about leaving stuff on and around my eyes, I have super sensitive eyeballs ( just like the rest of humanity) and when anything gets into them it's so uncomfy, but I went ahead and put some of this remover on my lashes and lids and it was like a miracle! I was able to open my eyes and leave it for a minute or two and had absolutely no issues, for me thats saying a lot, I have used numerous drug store and high end eye makeup removers and I always tear or my eyes sting, not a bit with this amazing stuff! Since receiving this product I have used it on numerous models and just love the way it gently removes their makeup! Thank you Moody Sisters! You should definitely check this out

If you are in the market for a gentle , non painful, creatively packaged, eye makeup remover for your moody skin (that actually works triple time as a makeup remover and age fighter!!) I highly recommend Moody Sisters!

Visit Moody Sisters at
if you purchase soon you can use the code REFERRAL and get an additional 20% off their already amazing prices!  Let them know I sent you to receive your discount!

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