Sunday, January 15, 2012

Simply lovely skin care!!

I got the awesome opportunity to try Meadow Muffin Gardens Skin Care by Stacy!
For quite awhile now my husband and my daughter have had the to deal with the discomfort and at times pain of severely dry and eczema related skin issues! I am always always on the hunt for all natural, organic skin care to ease their discomfort! previously my husband and daughter were using prescription grade hydrocortisone cream, but very very sparingly as it can cause the skin to thin. This was never an appealing thought to me so I would only use it when it was absolutely necessary.  We have tried vitamin e oil, coconut oil, and even olive oil, over the counter lotions, and although almost each and every one of these provided some relief, they still had to be reapplied numerous times within a day!

 When I received my package from Stacy I was stunned and overjoyed to see what she had sent! I can tell Stacy takes great pride in her work from the generous samples of product she sent me, to the handmade labels including all ingredients, right down to the handwritten note, on stationery no less, she sent with directions! I called my husband, I was so excited! If you havent noticed yet I get a little excited a little to quickly ;)

That night I brought  a sample of the wrinkle wrath cream to my mother in law, and  I used it as well! This cream is absolutely amazing! Initially the scent is a bit over powering but it really doesnt stay that way and for the effects it has on ones skin the scent is a non issue! My mother in law noted that she could apply her makeup shortly after using this cream and it did not leave a greasy residue as many moisturizers have a tendency to do!
For my pregnancy related dry skin, this item was the perfect match it packs a tremendous amount of moisture, it's seriously like a hug for your face!! :D (and for any of you seasoned mommas or expecting mommas try the healing balm on your tummies, cuz as we start to grow and the skin starts to stretch it can get a bit uncomfy am I right?? I use it and I love it!)
I recommended this too ,seriosuly, all my friend and clients alike who suffer from dry skin! One girl has already made her first purchase from Stacy and I was so so excited!!! That same night after my husband got home I used the baby soft butter on his elbows and knuckles (this is where the eczema is the worst) and within just one application we noticed a difference but the true test would come... how long would these benefits last? would we have to reapply in 2 hours? the answers? well... he called me from work the next day and asked if when he got home he could use it again because it made such a difference and lasted all night and all day long!! My daughter had thankfully the same results, in my opinion the beeswax that is in these must lock the moisture in because my sweet baby girl and hubby only need to apply this stuff once a day!! The very best part... a little goes a long way... we havent even made a dent in our sample pack!!!
Stacy offers a whole line of skin care products and I promise you, you will not regret your purchases!!! So please check out and let Stacy know I sent you!!


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