Thursday, January 12, 2012

Milk Fancy Mineral Makeup!!

I have always been a sucker for mineral makeup (well anything that is good for you and your skin really) but an even bigger sucker for fancy soaps! Dont ask me why... I couldnt tell you and anything with goats milk... well I am a goner! So when I came across Dawn's website I couldnt wait to try some of her products! You see she combines the benefits of goats milk and minerals to create truly divine makeup experience!

The first thing I noticed with the makeup when I first opened it was the smell, it was wonderful and super relaxing. It made me feel like I was in a bubble bath! One problem I have always experienced with mineral makeup is its staying power!! And baby does this stuff ever stay put! I was so so excited by how long it stayed on my face!
Another really difficult thing to master in makeup is matching skin tones! and Dawn has really come close to perfecting that! So often makeup will sit orangey on the face but Milk Fancy offers a vast array of foundation colors with yellows and pink undertones! I am naturally very fair skinned but even milky light was too fair for me . I got the opportunity to try both the powder form and liquid mineral foundation and I am in love with the liquid, because my skin is so so dry the liquid is perfect and jam packed with all sorts of minerals, oils, and  butters!

Definitely an amazing product! Long lasting and beautiful, buildable coverage and if you love that dewey, young look this is the makeup for you!!

So please please please check out and definitely order a couple samples before ordering the full size product just so you can match your skin tone!!  this is truly a luxorious experience you do not want to miss!
Loving makeup that feels like a Spa for your face!  <3 Amy

<--- Look at the beautiful coverage and glow! I have absolutely no concealers, primers, or powders on!

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