Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cutththroat Kristina

I had the enormous pleasure of working with Kristina recently!
She is an extremely talented model and very fun to be around! She came prepared and knowledgeable about the shoot, which in turn makes my job a lot easier and a whole lot more fun! Kristina has a wonderful personality and she has been rewarded by a large fan base on facebook!

As a Makeup Artist I have worked with all peoples from all walks of life, and I can  honestly tell you that spending an hour to an hour and a half with someone while doing their hair and makeup is really quite a large chunk of time.I find myself privileged that this is where I am at right now. I think about the time the photographers invest in taking and editing the photos and I am so bummed because they dont get the opportunity to " just chat" with the models and I do! Needless to say I am completely
ecstatic with the opportunities the Lord has brought to me!

Thanks to JEP Photography and Cutthroat Kristina for your oustanding talents and friendships!

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