Monday, January 2, 2012

a little shadow play :-)


I get the privilege of doing these on almost a weekly basis! Right now we are running through test shots for a large scale photoshoot set to launch in February of this year... The inspiration... Film Noire 
    I was excited for this models shoot since I got to use my Ben Nye stage blood in something more than stage makeup! This second pic was such a challenge for me for some reason as soon as the blood was on the knife it would evaporate ( hubby wasn't to thrilled I bloodied his knife :p) obviously I got a bit carried away with the blood on her hands and face... But what can I say this was a photo I hadn't got to try before!  What do you think?! 
 One thing about this photo I absolutely loved was the matching blood and lips ;) I am actually using the matte red lip color by ELF cosmetics which, if you can believe it, only cost me three dollars and the basic ol gloss by ELf which was another three, I have to say I was super pleased with that outcome!!

We just got done shooting with an alternative model who was such a dream to work with I cannot wait to show you those photos!

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