Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's go on Vacation... For your skin that is!

Have you ever had one of those days, you just feel run down and weary and like you have just run a marathon!? 
Your skin has days like this every day without the proper care, and that leads to dry, weathered looking skin, which then leads to aging... trust me I know ;)
Recently I got the enormous pleasure of working with Ambrozhia Arome (it sounds like dessert for your skin) and seriously was I ever excited! I first came across their Organic Skin Care Sea Mist! I am always on the hunt for a refreshing, rehydrating mist that drys quickly and doesnt leave a crazy residue! This bottle of yummy hydrating goodness is filled with seaweed, kelp ( is that the same thing?), aloe vera, and blue green algae! This stuff is sooooo good for your skin and seriously smells like the beaches of Hawaii , well I am assuming it does haha!  One spritz of this and instantly you feel your tight, dry skin relaxing and your senses right along with it! I love to use this right out of the shower on my face to get a bit more moisture after towel drying, (fun fact: moisturizer should always be applied to damp skin, it is not to replace moisture that is lost but to trap and hold moisture in so truly this stuff is working double time: try it out and see for yourself!

Ronda ( the super sweet owner) was way kind and also sent me the Hydrosol Moisturizer Neroli, this doubles as a moisturizer and makeup setting spray, and I confess I love this even more than the Sea Mist! And thats saying a lot! As a makeup artist I find setting spray is always a necessity and I do use quite a bit of mineral makeup and a couple splashes of this amazingly, delicious smelling spray (seriously I have had to hide it from myself so I don't go through my whole bottle) is the perfect finish to take away that powdery look that often times accompanies mineral makeup or any powder really and gives a gorgeous dewy look! I am in love and I know you will be too! So not only am I loving the scent and dewy look but you get all that plus anti oxidants and the benefit of moisturizer! Get yours here
It's a bit pricier than the sea mist but I say purchase both, with just a quick few sprays (remember a little goes a looooonnnggg way) your skin care routine is revamped, rehydrated, and revitalized! It is the perfect get away for your skin! 

Stop by and visit Ronda and all of her amazing vacationy skin products and body sprays at and don't forget to tell her I said hi!!
X's and O's

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