Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kiss me... Im Gorgeous!

I am seriously in love with Kiss Me Cosmetics!! Not only do they offer amazing and highly pigmented make up goods and skin care they also offer a special line for super dry skin for eczema sufferers. KMC sent me a huge, and I mean huge, box of samples ( although there must be another name for these items since everything I received was full size!)
As you know I am always on the hunt for quality natural makeup as well as eczema relief for my precious 3 year old and my hubby :-) The sugar scrub is by far my most favorite product. Many many people who have dry skin use salt scrubs or exfoliants that end up taking off the layer of dead skin and although this does help, without the aided sugar it also strips your skin of moisture, and we all know that the best remedy for dry skin is moisture!
So after using this on my daughter as well as myself I can tell you truthfully this stuff definitely works and reduces the irritation and dry skin of eczema sufferers.
I would highly recommend trying this product for yourself! Your skin will thank you! http://www.etsy.com/listing/74194846/100-all-natural-sugar-scrub-for

In my box of goodies I also got this amazing (no joke) tinted moisturizer! I am a huge lover of tinted moisturizer! I wear this on a daily basis and it really does match my skin perfectly and gives it that extra boost of hydration without making my skin look greasy. And as an added bonus im pretty sure KMC puts chocolate in it... that's all I smell when I put it on and I love it.

 Another thing I adore is pampering my babies ( and myself too of course) thats why I am in love with the oatmeal tea bath, whenever I think of oatmeal I think of comfort and that is exactly what this provides. Its super good for dry dehydrated skin but also just a nice treat! it smells like a spa and is perfect after a long day. If you love coming home to a nice relaxing bath then you definitely need to get yourself some of this goodness! http://www.etsy.com/listing/52125427/oatmeal-tea-bath-for-babies

Renee is the owner of Kiss Me Cosmetics and she is such a love and pleasure to work with! I was so so stunned when I got all my goodies. there was so much to choose from :-) definitely check out her shop and like her on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Kiss-Me-Cosmetics/160247823986445. if you decide to try anything out let her know you heard it from me ;-)


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Honey for your face!

I am a honey lover! I always have been! I love the taste and smell and the healing properties it gives!! In my opinion it is one of the most  versatile hmmm... substances out there! You can use it for healing sickness, healing dry skin, chapped lips, soothing sore throats, in your bath and shower, and now on your face. Eucalypto Organics makes an amazing honey facial cleanser. This is quite the unique product as it not only cleanses and removes makeup but leaves your skin hydrated! It is just wonderful! I have tried numerous cleansers that contain essential oils and they never seem to really "clean" my face, but this definitely does the job :-) I dont use this everyday because I love the smell of it! that probably makes no sense haha but I like to use this wash after a rough nights sleep or a long day since the smell is just wonderful, way therapeutic! If you are in the market for new cleanser I definitely recommend this and you can get yours here http://www.etsy.com/listing/79506111/balancing-honey-facial-cleanser-organic.

If you are also finding your skin needs an extra boost of hydration or you are getting a little rough around the edges (wrinkles), I am a huge fan of serums! Serums work on a cell level to restore your skin and provide suppleness and because it absorbs quickly into the skin I was super pleased to find Eucalypto Organics makes an all natural serum with rosehips! Do you know about rose hips and their benefits? Rose hips and rose water, and well roses in general provide huge amounts of hydration! Our mothers and grandmothers used this all the time! To this day many skin care professionals and makeup artists include this in their kit! Be sure to get yours today at http://www.etsy.com/listing/78626962/rosehip-balancing-facial-serum-organic :-)

Both products are perfect for dry, mature, or sensitive skin!

Thanks to Laurie for dreaming up these lovely products and sharing them with me!!!

Honey faces and Rosy goodness!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Attack of the Abrasive washcloth!!

There are many, many things in this life that I love and very few that I absolutely cannot stand, But of these few things washcloths are not my friend! No matter how many times I wash my face, I always leave the experience feeling as though my face has been scraped and burned :(I have spoken with numerous men and women about this issue... and it's a combination of things, people in general think the harder they scrub the cleaner their skin, I promise this just isn't the case. Really the harder you scrub the more layers of skin you are ripping off your face... OUCH! Sooo please let me introduce to you my new loves... Face scrubbies by Peanuts Crochet!
 These little lovelies are awesome for two reasons.
1. They get softer over time and with each washing.
2.They are crocheted so perfectly there are no little annoying fibers when you wash your face!!

When I first came across Peanuts Crochet, I was definitely anxious to try these babies out. My skin is super sensitive and I just couldn't wait to pamper it a bit. Karen, the owner, was so so gracious and sent me a bunch of full size scrubbies and even some additional sized scrubbies for eye make up remover and makeup remover in general! I have had the opportunity to try all of these and absolutely love them! You definitely need to check these out! http://www.etsy.com/shop/PeanutsCrochet?ref=ss_profile
The very best thing about Karen is her attention to detail, she found out my business colors and went ahead and customed my scrubbies to match with some extra complimentary colors!!
Soooo if you are tired of dumb, abrasive, skin shearing washcloths you need to pick up a few of these! I definitely recommend the washcloth scrubbies, you can get yours here http://www.etsy.com/listing/77708287/washcloths-face-scrubbies-cotton-crochet and while you are there ask her about the scrubbie loofah! I use mine every day and I love, love, love it :-)

The next thing I am anxious to try are her organic scrubbies... can you imagine if the originals are super soft, how amazingly divine these little loves will be!!!??