Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey Girl! Where you at?!

Hi Loves!

Soooo yeah I pretty much fell off the face of the planet for about 2 months :-0 and I am so sorry,

Life has been crazy but in a nutshell, my hubby and I decided to move our growing family about 2 months ago from northern california to the central valley! Um huge change... It's 2.5 hours from everything we know but I have some family here and that has made the change manageable! J (the hubs) then started a new job which we absolutely adore and he is home with us so much more :)

I also got totally caught up in "researching" homeopathic medicine ( makes sense since I am always looking for natural skin and make up items) and western medicine and with our new little bundle on the way I am doing even more research on cloth diapering! Oh man so many changes but I am so excited! i hope you guys will hang with me as I try to reconstruct my little bloggy to include all things, fashion, organic, beauty, skin, family,and artistry!
As I told my dear aunt today... I am a Jesus Loving, Starbucks drinking, money saving, organic living, make up artist! If thats not a walking oxy moron I dont know what is?!

Excited to share my crunchy momma adventures ( crunchy= granola loving, organic-y type person) !

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Hucklebee Hollow where have you been all my life?

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to blog!! I will have an updated blog post about the many changes that have gone in the last six weeks but not right now!

I have recently found I am a sucker for the words boutique, one of a kind, and all natural! haha!
I also have found that I am also very particular when it comes to these things.

I love my fancy scents from places like Bath and Body Works and Victorias Secret. But seriously every time I have tried to find a natural alternative they just let me down, so its back to the store I go to pick up my heavily loaded perfumes and lotions.

That was until I came across Hucklebee Hollow and started chatting with Tracy!
She makes some super yummy whipped body washes and whipped lotions! the texture is absolutely amazing and super silky. And the scents... divine! not "nature-y" smelling if you know what I mean... ;)

She sent me some wonderful product and two of my favorite scents were the plumeria and lilac!
Birthday cake was super fun to but I included that in one of my giveaways! So I didnt get to use it :)

I would definitely recommend checking out her yummy lotions and highly, highly recommend the plumeria whipped lotion ( not greasy and smells havenly) you can get your very own here
or if you are anything like me you can purchase a sample pack and try a bunch :-)

They even have a lotion that is supposed to mimic Victorias Secret's Love Spell! which is a best seller for VS! She was out of stock when I ordered my goodies but if it is anything like the plumeria's amazing scent, it's at the top of my list!!

So please check out Hucklebee Hollow and tell Tracy I said hey!!