Friday, April 27, 2012

Hey Girl! Where you at?!

Hi Loves!

Soooo yeah I pretty much fell off the face of the planet for about 2 months :-0 and I am so sorry,

Life has been crazy but in a nutshell, my hubby and I decided to move our growing family about 2 months ago from northern california to the central valley! Um huge change... It's 2.5 hours from everything we know but I have some family here and that has made the change manageable! J (the hubs) then started a new job which we absolutely adore and he is home with us so much more :)

I also got totally caught up in "researching" homeopathic medicine ( makes sense since I am always looking for natural skin and make up items) and western medicine and with our new little bundle on the way I am doing even more research on cloth diapering! Oh man so many changes but I am so excited! i hope you guys will hang with me as I try to reconstruct my little bloggy to include all things, fashion, organic, beauty, skin, family,and artistry!
As I told my dear aunt today... I am a Jesus Loving, Starbucks drinking, money saving, organic living, make up artist! If thats not a walking oxy moron I dont know what is?!

Excited to share my crunchy momma adventures ( crunchy= granola loving, organic-y type person) !

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