Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Honey for your face!

I am a honey lover! I always have been! I love the taste and smell and the healing properties it gives!! In my opinion it is one of the most  versatile hmmm... substances out there! You can use it for healing sickness, healing dry skin, chapped lips, soothing sore throats, in your bath and shower, and now on your face. Eucalypto Organics makes an amazing honey facial cleanser. This is quite the unique product as it not only cleanses and removes makeup but leaves your skin hydrated! It is just wonderful! I have tried numerous cleansers that contain essential oils and they never seem to really "clean" my face, but this definitely does the job :-) I dont use this everyday because I love the smell of it! that probably makes no sense haha but I like to use this wash after a rough nights sleep or a long day since the smell is just wonderful, way therapeutic! If you are in the market for new cleanser I definitely recommend this and you can get yours here http://www.etsy.com/listing/79506111/balancing-honey-facial-cleanser-organic.

If you are also finding your skin needs an extra boost of hydration or you are getting a little rough around the edges (wrinkles), I am a huge fan of serums! Serums work on a cell level to restore your skin and provide suppleness and because it absorbs quickly into the skin I was super pleased to find Eucalypto Organics makes an all natural serum with rosehips! Do you know about rose hips and their benefits? Rose hips and rose water, and well roses in general provide huge amounts of hydration! Our mothers and grandmothers used this all the time! To this day many skin care professionals and makeup artists include this in their kit! Be sure to get yours today at http://www.etsy.com/listing/78626962/rosehip-balancing-facial-serum-organic :-)

Both products are perfect for dry, mature, or sensitive skin!

Thanks to Laurie for dreaming up these lovely products and sharing them with me!!!

Honey faces and Rosy goodness!


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