Sunday, January 15, 2012

You are what you wear!

You know the old saying "you are what you eat"? Yeah well it doesn't just stop there, over 60% of what you put on your skin is absorbed through that epidermal layer and sent right into your blood stream! I love makeup, obviously, but one of the things I dont love are all the chemicals and man made products in them! These products prove to dehydrate your skin thus causing it to age, and clog your pores which in turn well... we all know what happens when a pore becomes packed, no likey! So in my never ending quest to find organic makeup and skin care, I happened upon Willow Tree Minerals!
I just have to mention that I love going to get the mail... it's like my birthday everyday! My package came and inside were some business cards, a brochure (I actually love these items because they tell me so much about the manufacturer) and the sweetest packaged set of mineral makeup! Again I was stunned, the generosity that Lora showed was awesome! In this perfectly pacakaged little sampler I received the following!
Flawless Finish Mineral Veil - This was um... delightful! It actually gave my face a matte finish which I love and I wore it alone without any foundation and it was just the right amount of polish for my face!

Pomegranate Frost Blush- I will be honest I was nervous at first because 1.I have never worn pomegranate anything 2. Its a pinkish reddish  and I have pink undertones, but this was simply amazing!! It gave my face the perfect touch of warmth and color ( a little goes a long way with this yummy blush )

True Spice Bronzer - I am such a sucker for bronzer, because I am so fair though it always seems to dark or too orangey, people! This is by far the most perfect bronzer I have found its a very light, very warm brown (in my opinion great for all skin types as you can build the intensity) One little dab of this on your kabuki and you are set for the whole face!! lovvvveee this!!

Taupe Tourmaline Shadow and Iced Latte- Again these are perfect for all skin types the Taupe is a light shadow which can be applied all over the lid or just the lower lid and has a beautiful shimmer, the latte is a low shimmer almost matte medium brown! These combined are simply gorgeous and I was so so pleased wth their staying power throughout the day!

Pouting Plum Natural Lip Shimmer- Man is this more than it ever sounds like! This is no ordinary shimmer gloss... absolutely packed with goodness for the chapped and chap-less (ha ha!) lips! This superstar gloss is fully loaded with almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax ( I think I am going to start investing in beeswax this stuff is amazing! Thank Jesus for bees!!!) Avocado oil, cocoa butter!! Its seriously one of those things you see in those high end specialty shops and spas!! You definitely need to try this to believe it! You will love it! The very best part? I can pronounce all the ingredients and this stuff isnt going to hurt you! One other amazing part of this it is seriously like a lipstick and chapstick in one (so you get the awesomeness of pampering your pout and glitzin your kisser) ... those are everywhere but this doesnt cake or come right off!! Have I mentioned it is Fabulous! Get yours here !!

Last but not least Lora knows your fancied up look isn't complete without some polish! Check out her aptly named (contains no harsh chemicals to bug you) Bug Me Not nail polishes! I got the cuddle bug plummy pink and I am so excited over this!!!
Thank you Willow Tree Minerals for all of your amazing products that are good for my skin and helped me create this Naturally Lovely Look! I love that the Flawless Finish let my freckles come through but add a polished look to my face!

So make your way over to and tell Lora I say Hi! You will absolutely love her products!!

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